Monday, December 3, 2007

Texas Vigilante

The killing of two men in Texas has become a lightening rod for those who oppose Texas's notorious support of citizen's using lethal force for "self-defense." The two latino men were stealing from his neighbor's house and crossed his yard, when the 70 year old man decided to confront them. Some have applauded the man's actions as heroic, claiming that burglars will think twice before stealing in that neighborhood again. Personally, I agree with the 911 dispatcher that no property is worth a human life (the dispatcher was the real hero in my opinion, even though he wasn't able to prevent the man's actions).

It is pretty sad to live in a society that allows this type of action to happen, especially since it appears to be within his legal right (will be decided in the courts). I am sure the older man was upset and not thinking clearly, but he definitely knew that the laws had changed and was prepared to take advantage of them. I personally think he should be charged with 2nd or 3rd degree murder, there was absolutely no reason for those two young men to die.

What do you think, was this justice served or an even worse crime?


Mike Croghan said...

This makes me want to vomit - not in a "this makes me sick!" way, but just sick with grief for everyone involved. :-(

I'm certainly not in favor of this being legal. I don't know if it's legal in Texas or not. It's just very sad.

Kr!ss said...

So along those same lines, here is a story from Montana my dad sent me a few weeks ago:
Shooting in Butte, Montana

Shotgun preteen vs. Illegal alien Home Invaders Butte, Montana November 5, 2006

Two illegal aliens, Ralphel Resindez, 23, and Enrico Garza, 26, probably believed they would easily overpower home-alone 11 year old Patricia Harrington after her father had left their two-story home.

It seems the two crooks never learned two things: they were in Montana and Patricia had been a clay shooting champion since she was nine.

Patricia was in her upstairs room when the two men broke through the front door of the house. She quickly ran to her father's room and grabbed his 12 Gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun.

Resindez was the first to get up to the second floor only to be the first to catch a near point blank blast of buckshot from the 11-year-old's knee crouch aim. He suffered fatal wounds to his abdomen and genitals.

When Garza ran to the foot of the stairs, he took a blast to the left
shoulder and staggered out into the street where he bled to death before medical help could arrive.

It was found out later that Resindez was armed with a stolen 45 caliber handgun he took from another home invasion robbery. That victim, 50-year-old David Burien, was not so lucky. He died from stab wounds to the chest.

Ever wonder why good stuff never makes NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, or ABC News....God I love this kid...Nice Shootin', Patricia....

What really amazes me about this is that in conversations with my parents about this, they seemed totally unconcerned about the affect this might have on the young girl as she grows up. That some how because these were, criminal, illegal immigrants, killing them had no emotion affect. Such a sad, sad world.

capitalpunisher said...

Good riddance. If some criminal came running across my yard and I had no idea of they're intension, bang bang bye bye.
Its not like the guy just saw two people running through his yard with pillow cases.

"unconcerned about the affect this might have on the young girl as she grows up." They were probably more concerned about the effect the two criminals would have had the girl life had she not killed them. So far she has learned to stand up for herself.

"I'm certainly not in favor of this being legal." It is, and for a reason. It's because when the closest sheriff/officer is 2 hours away ( I'm referring to a law-enforcement person not an office or post ) you should have the right to protect yourself. Thats why the right exists in state like Texas, Montana, and probably still Colorado.

Given the two illegal aliens had committed robberies before obviously at least two government agencies wheren't doing there job, so it fell on an 11 year old. That is what is sick here.

SgtRock said...

"I personally think he should be charged with 2nd or 3rd degree murder".

Hey buddy, it doesn't matter WHAT YOU think. What matters is Texas law. Ever hear of the saying "don't let the sun go down on you in Texas?"

Texans are the only citizens of a state where deadly force can be applied at night (between dusk to dawn) to protect personal property and not just human lives. That includes vandalism.

Repo men often get shot and killed here too. And rightly so! Nobody has the right to trespass on your land without a warrant, especially at night. They can get a proper police escort to come and claim a vehicle and follow the law themselves! How does one determine a car thief from a repo man in the dark? What kind of ignoramus would shine a light and ask? A dead one perhaps?

Like it or not. Cry in your weenie liberal beer or whatever, that's the law. And the law works for us!

We have one of the lowest breaking and entering rates of a residential dwelling in the country. Gee! I wonder why?

There is nothing for the courts to decide if this crime happened at night. The case will be quietly referred to a Grand Jury and dropped. Get over it. If you don't like it, then do us a big favor and stay out of Texas!

A person's home is their castle. Anybody invading the sanctity of such deserves to die!

Liberalism is a disease and it can be cured. If I ever catch anybody stealing my property at night or that of my neighbors, they will die. Plain and simple.

The local sheriff's office is almost 39 miles away from me. They may take up to an hour to get to us. They are almost worthless and they admit as much. I live in a county where there are only two deputies on patrol for the whole county after midnight. In the meantime WE ARE THE LAW EAST OF THE PECOS.

My neighbors and I have pacts where we have granted each other permission to enter each other's home's and properties and take whatever action is deemed necessary to protect out property.

Liberal weenies can lay around cowering and let themselves fall prey to meth heads and other criminals while Dominos pizza gets to your house faster than the law does half of the time. We don't do that here in Grimes County Texas.

Btw, the human vermin that you weep for were criminals that were in this country ILLEGALLY. The only thing sad about society is that there are folks that think like you do and sympathize with scum.

That old man did us all a favor. Because sooner or later they would have killed somebody, if they haven't done so already.

In answer to your question: Justice was served!

"May God-Bless Texas, Miss Lillie & the N.R.A"

SgtRock said...

Okay, this happened at 2:00 in the afternoon. Not at night. Your video link is "no longer available" and I found it elsewhere on Youtube.

All I can say is I think that the man is righteous and the criminals, black, white, yellow or whatever got what they had coming. Race has nothing to do with it. All thieves who break into houses should die!

You don't break into a man's home, his castle and steal part of his dream, his blood, his sweat and his tears. That's the part that makes me ill, that there are folks that think that criminals should be coddled and their hands slapped for such atrocities.

I worked hard for what I have, and not to have some piece of human excrement think that they can just come in and take what they want when they please.

If somebody was home at that man's neighbors house, then those folks could have very well have been dead.

Nobody can ever tell me "Don't go outside your home sir! You can be shot!" or whatever. I am a Vietnam Marine Corps veteran and I'll be G-damned if I am going to cower inside MY HOME and not be able to go out ON MY PROPERTY and enjoy it or defend it, anytime that I damn well please!

Because I am a FREE AMERICAN! You know as in "home of the brave and land of the free?". That song doesn't say home of "the sheeple".

It's too bad that the crime didn't happen at night. Then there would be nothing to discuss.

The difference between that old man and I is that I would have ambushed them as they came out the front door or window or whatever and blasted their heads right off of their necks. And no stupid calls to 911...

Call 911 and then call for a pizza, and see which one gets there first?
Since when are we obligated to put our faith in folks in blue or brown uniforms whom we have probably never met before and cower inside our homes? Is that the America that I fought for in Nam'?

One of the dead thieves was deported to Columbia for a cocaine related arrest. One of my sons serves in the United States Coast Guard and regularly puts his life and limbs at risk running go-fast interceptors along the Pacific Coast off of a 372 foot high-endurance cutter busting these human turds.

Thank the liberal judge who gave this creep parole until the year 2017 and simply deported him to Columbia. Ha! Big deal eh? The moron came back to prey on sheeple Americans again and a man with guts and internal fortitude shot him dead and you weenies weep and become ill because of it? You are disturbed.

Thanks for inspiring me to find and view the 911 clip! You made my evening! I can't wait to send it to all of my pro-gun, former and current military, law enforcement and other friends, who will surely get a smile out of it just as I did. The shotgun blasts put joy into my heart.

I got a couple of medals for 15 confirmed kills in Vietnam they are in a drawer somewhere, I ain't rightly sure where. I didn't even know those people that I killed. They didn't do anything to me personally. I was sent over there against my will. I didn't want to go but I did what I had to do. I was on point for half of my kills. We attacked them, not vice-versa. Of course, given the chance they would have killed us too.

I see more justification in killing these two thieves than I did protecting French banking interests in Vietnam, which was how the war started...


PS: Read the truth about the criminal histories of the dead scum:

Wyatt said...

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm" -- George Orwell

The man is a hero. The court system and lenient judges will fail us no more regarding those two men, now dead.

All the denigrative anti-Texas and anti-gun idiot rhetoric by left-wing simpletons simply will not be able to put Humpty and Dumpty from Columbia back together again.

Sleep tight, little spineless tykes! -- Wyatt, Houston

Anonymous said...

"This makes me want to vomit - not in a "this makes me sick!" way, but just sick with grief for everyone involved. :-("

Sick with grief for whom? The robbery victims and the poor old fella that had to take matters into his own hands because the police (in plainclothes) literally sat across the street and did nothing but watch? What kind of sick voyeurism is that? The calvary didn't come, as they more often than not don't. Certainly you don't grieve for Columbian gang members, here in this country illegally, preying on innocent citizens and dealing in cocaine that crossed the line and paid the ultimate price with their miserable lives do you? Are you a diseased liberal?

"I'm certainly not in favor of this being legal. I don't know if it's legal in Texas or not. It's just very sad."

Not it's not legal for somebody to break into homes in Texas at 2:00 in the afternoon, nor at any time. And yes it is very sad that pieces of sh*t, animals basically, commit such atrocious acts.

Get a clue Mike Croghan! If you live in Texas and don't like the laws then leave it. If you are not in Texas then kindly shut your mouth, we will handle our own affairs, thank-you! And you don't ever have to step foot on our holy grounds and soil it.

Curtis Lewis
Pasadena Texas

Rev. Douche said...

Justice served.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Justice was served! The criminal makes the decision to put his life in jeopardy , not the shooter and certainly not Joe Horn. No criminal should ever be able to walk around committing crimes believing that the law protects him. When you choose to do wrong you need to accept the consequences as well.

Anonymous said...

For those who think this man was to violent towards a couple burglers: Look up the following in google "Pettit, Cheshire ct, home invasion".
A family is effectively wiped out by two individuals on parole for burglary. No prior "violent" crimes as defined by connecticut law at the time. The loan survivor no doubt wishes he had done something different, would give anything to have his wife and two little girls be alive today. It is a very fine line between breaking into someone's home, and doing evil to any who are inside at the time. I would rather err on the side of keeping my family alive, than spend the rest of my life wishing I did. There is a reason that the bad guys fear and armed homeowner more than the police.
If you have the luck of not having been a crime victim while citing this man's actions as disgusting, the odds are, you'll be victimized too. I don't whis an 'I told you so moment" on anyone, but I would hope the left leaning folk would stop moving to strip others of their means of protection.
Good and evil do exist, we either stand against evil, or let it take over. I for one, have served to protect my country for over 20 years, I find it rather ironic that there are forces in our society that would have me strip of my ability to protect my family.
Ironic, misguided, and sad......

Just a dad with two littel girls in ct.

Anonymous said...

What is so sad about two drug-cartel related criminals that were not even American citizens here illegally being blown away by a righteous armed AMERICAN defending his (they crossed onto his property in their getaway) and his neighbor's property??

Hello? WTH?

What kind of society have we become when a large portion our own people view guns as being bad and don't feel that people have the right to defend their lives and property against criminals?

Fear the government that fears your guns!

Barack Obama's website for his campaign elaborates nicely on using firearms for "hunting and sporting purposes" but says nothing about one's inherent right to self-defense? You know why? Because he and many others like him don't believe that you as a rank n' file American have the right to armed self-defense. They have other agendas and they wish to disarm you.

But yet, Barack and other rich elitists like him (like Rosie 'The Mouth' O'Donnell the rabid foaming at the mouth anti-gun zealot) will always have access to 'special' concealed handgun licenses and armed bodyguards etc..etc... Basically they are sending out the message that they are better than everybody else, and that their lives are more important, THEY are more important and they and their families deserve to be protected from the lowly likes of John Q. Public who has no such rights - the riff-raff working class men & women of society. The nobody's.

The 2nd Amendment however wasn't designed and put into place to protect Congress or our government officials from it's people, it wasn't about protecting rich elites from the general populace (Rosie sure threw a fit when one of her bodyguards was denied a firearms license or permit, she literally screamed about her right to be protected!) and it certainly wasn't about hunting and sporting purposes.

Our right to keep and bear arms is about the American people's ability to defend themselves FROM THEIR GOVERNMENT and tyranny.

It is not only ironic sir (previous poster) but a shame and a travesty of the highest order that "that there are forces in our society that would have me stripped of my ability to protect my family.".

I agree with you and your comments wholeheartedly sir!

Liberalism is a disease...

Ben Gerard
San Antonio Texas

Anonymous said...

Second Amendment Hypocrites: Senators Schumer and Feinstein & Rosie Da' Mouth Pack Heat:

America's new caste system?

Whatever happened to "all men are created equal"? Obviously some feel that they are more equal than others.

Sgt Rock said...

"It is pretty sad to live in a society that allows this type of action to happen, especially since it appears to be within his legal right (will be decided in the courts). I am sure the older man was upset and not thinking clearly, but he definitely knew that the laws had changed and was prepared to take advantage of them. I personally think he should be charged with 2nd or 3rd degree murder, there was absolutely no reason for those two young men to die."

Well it looks like more and more Americans are feeling the exact opposite in our society today. First the Supreme Court decision that all men do indeed have the right to keep and bear arms and that clarified the TRUTH in what our founding fathers had originally intended -- That firearms in the hands of the people are not for "hunting and sporting purposes" as liberals, anti-gunners and their ilk claim.

And then Joe Horn the Pasadena hero from Texas was found NOT GUILTY and absolved of all charges in his shooting of two drug-gang affiliated and dangerous human trash -robbing his neighbor's house while the worthless police department took their time getting to the scene and one undercover officer actually sat in his vehicle and observed the whole incident and did nothing... Oh so typical.

And the sheep-like dispatcher warning a free American not to leave his own home! And not go out onto his own property in the middle of the day! To cowardly stay inside, do nothing, to depend on men in blue uniforms whom he probably had never even met before, total strangers, to come and protect him and his neighbor's property. That's an abomination! Truly. However Joe Horn like a lot of Texans was man enough to rise to the challenge and stand up and do what needed to be done. I applaud him!

How many more home invasions or robberies might those low-lifes have participated in before they took innocent lives? Joe Horn was a hero! Those two dead men through their own free will, chose the course of events that day that led to their deaths, they have only themselves to blame (along with the liberal court system in this country that previously let them out of jail for other crimes EARLY and deported them, foolishly expecting them not to come back).

The tide is turning though!

Again, I myself find that "it is pretty sad" that there are still so many people that still don't get it, and feel that Joe Horn instead of doing what he had to do that fateful day was some kind of racist criminal and should have been charged.

The "old man" was indeed thinking clearly and he was exercising his inherent right to protect not only his life, but his an his neighbor's property as well. And yes personal property is worth fighting for! If it wasn't then why do we even bother with police departments, armies, civil defense, military, the Coast Guard and everything else? Would we not fight if another country wished to roll on in here and take over??

People truly sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf...

Liberal versions with their gun-control and value of criminal's lives above all else is a vision on par with an Orwellian nightmare beyond belief.

Adios Washington DC and other unconstitutional gun bans! Hello America, there will me more law-abiding citizens arming themselves coming soon to a theater near you. We are going to take back this once great Republic and reverse the horrid decline foisted on us by thousands of failed socialist and other misguided and corrupt programs.

Remember to smile, wave and say "excuse me" when you see or bump into a stranger and/or your neighbor because an armed society is a polite society

Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty plus practice frequently at the gun range for those that don't wish to play nice in our sandbox.

Have a nice day...

Semper Fi!
The United States of Texas
"May God-Bless Texas, Miss Lillie, & The N.R.A" -- Sgt Rock 2004

David S. said...

Illegal criminals that break one law after another should indeed be dispatched in this manner. Especially when clearly a crime took place. Armed citizens lower crime rates, period. Thats why every law enforcement officer in the country is anti gun control, the people who are on the forefront of the fight on crime and who consequently is in the most dangerous position. Long live Joe Horn and strong willed patriots who believe in right and wrong like him.

71 Year old man said...

Justice served. It saves money for the court system to process these criminals. People would think twice about stealing if everyone was armed with a gun. I'm sure if those 2 men were getting their crap stolen. They would probably take action just as Mr. Horn did and he took action to save someone else's items. Sure, maybe he was just trigger happy, he just got his gun, or maybe he just wanted to stand up to these criminals. If anyone says something about the cops. It took the cops to get there in about 7 minutes? That's plenty enough time to show up to another person's house, kill some witnesses, take a hostage, and maybe microwave a dinner. They're just vigilantes with a radio and shiny metal badges.

Anonymous said...

His actions as they are reported (I was not there) legal in the state of Texas. There was no crime committed other than the burglary. Now thats not to say that it was right. In my industry I come across thieves frequently, And Texas law supports use of lethal force an I feel this to be a great benefit to living in Texas, but what is legal and what is right is not always the same. The law gives you justification for use of force to give you the option. It is up to the man making the decision to consider the ethics of his choice. I PERSONALLY however would not Kill a man simply for theft. Now situations like that are unpredictable and if that man made ANY motion or was in possession of ANY item that I perceive to be a danger to my life or any other life, I would fire my weapon without hesitation. That it is Mr. Horn who must live with his choice, and I do support his decision to take a stand as I would want support in my decision. Another thing that is bugging me, why is it every one is so concerned about the life's of the burglars? I do not know them, they may have been great people, but when you make a choice to commit crime you also assume the risk. Why is it we live in a country that gives criminals the room to feel comfortable committing their crimes. If this happened more often word would get around. Rather we make an attempt to incarcerate Mr. Horn, and word gets around, now law abiding citizens are afraid to stand up to criminals. Worried they may be sued, or placed in prison. Ridiculous.....

Anonymous said...

Its sad two lives were lost. but the old man did exactly what any human being should do. he stood up for what is right. those two guys should not have been breaking into someones house. If you want to blam someone, blame the guys that were breaking in and if they were underage then blame the parents of the boys for not teaching theirs boys right from wrong. If you havent takin a look around innocent people die every day because of people making bad choices. those boys made bad choices that night. no crime goes unpunished! plus most likely those boys would have robbed the house and if there was a chance that they got caught they would have takin more of our tax money so we can pay for them to live in jail? yea i dont think so! thank you old man for standing up for whats right! ohh and dont forget that old man everyday has to live with knowing the fact that he took two humans lives! i bet it eats him up everyday! but if our criminal system was ran better maybe crooks would think twice about committing crimes. like how bout take tvs n junk food and privlagess out of prisons and jails! they did crimes why should we have to pay for them to have anything!