Thursday, November 29, 2007

Election Prediction

So I have been predicting for a couple weeks that Clinton and Mitt Romney will be the two presidential candidates in 2008, so I will formally go on record with this prediction. Romney is definitely a mixed bag when it comes to green politics, with some commendable interest in renewable energy, but scepticism when it comes to global warming and carbon emissions.

What do you think about my prediction? If I am right, does that mean the green vote will go to Clinton?


Ryan said...

I wasn't too impressed with Romney's showing in the CNN/YouTube debate. He appeared overly cautious and unwilling to answer several questions. Ultimately, I think Guiliani gets the nomination, as I think he would be the only one that the Rep. party believes could defeat Hillary. As far as the green vote, I think the bulk of it will go to the left no matter what the scenario.