Monday, December 17, 2007

Arousing the Wrath of Texas

My earlier post on the Texas Vigilante has inadvertently attracted the wrath of some Texas patriots. In comments to my original post, their arguments are heated to say the least, including slandering other commenters. Honestly, I don't mind personal attacks on my own material, its a blog for goodness sakes! It has proven to be an interesting insight into the Texan notion of "justice" and their sliding scale of human value, although granted I am sure this sample of Texan's is not representative of all residents of that vast state (for instance, latino's make up 35% of the state's population and I wager would take a different stance).

Read the comment thread of the original post at your own discretion due to the vitriol content.


Mike Croghan said...

Good job attracting the, um, passionate defenders of property rights! :-)

SgtRock said...


Please post your address here online so others may come to your home and clean it out while you stand there and watch...

I see that you live in Washington DC. Where your mayors smoke crack with prostitutes and you can't own handguns. Nice place! Remind me never to visit.

Want to compare OUR crime statistics with your vehemently anti-gun laws and all thrown into the mix, along with your city's?

Your crime rate is MUCH higher. Especially the breaking and entering of a residential dwelling amongst other things. Now why do you suppose that is?

Merry Christmas!
Sgt Rock

PS: You are probably one of the "Happy Holidays" types too and that bothers you as well.... Sheesh.

Sgt Rock said...

"Read the comment thread of the original post at your own discretion due to the vitriol content" -- Ken

So Ken, exactly WHERE it the vial and "vitriol content"?

All I see is one pretty mild sarcastic post by myself here. One can get more "vitriol" in a Michael Moore flick. ROFL! Come on now, really!

Do you advocate warning labels on all left-wing "vitriol" content as well?

How have you been?
Fine I hope! Seriously. Things are just peachy keen down here! :D

The United States of Texas