Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Israel Starving Gaza

This story is both beautiful and horrible at the same time. Beautiful in the sense that thousands of desparate people from the Gaza strip are flooding Northern Egypt to replenesh critical supplies. The scene that has unfolded is a triumph of humanity over military might. I greatly applaud the Egyptian government for allowing this to occur.

The tragedy is that this had to happen in the first place. Israel has systematically been starving the Gaza strip of critical supplies in retaliation for missile attacks. The problem is that the Israeli approach is non-discriminating between the perpetrators and the innocent majority. Indeed, this borders on "passive" genocide. I don't pretend to know the solution to the Israeli-Palestenian conflict, but I can guarantee that Israel's current approach will not achieve their own goals (peaceful border), but rather strengthen and embolden their enemies. Shame on Israel.

Red arrow shows location of breach.


Anonymous said...

The tragedy is that the "Palestinians" can stop their rocket attacks and strapping C4 backpacks or belly bombs on their children and them selves, the aftermath of which also is non-discriminating between innocent Jewish civilians and military targets, but they don't.

Furthermore the terrorist cowards set-up shop right next to hospitals, schools, nurseries etc... So they can both sacrifice their children in their hatefulness and then use the counter-strikes and civilian damage or casualties to their advantage in their propaganda machine.

If one's neighbor (Palestinians) keep shooting potshots with a rifle at their house here (Israel) indiscriminately and whenever the urge struck them because they hated you. And the law (The United Nations and/or world community) sat by and did little or nothing, and many of your neighbors actually condemned you for your resulting anger and retaliation. Would it be any wonder that there would eventually be a breaking point??

I personally would turn on that neighbor shooting at my house, endangering my family, and burn it to the ground and bulldoze the remains and too bad for anybody in it. They wouldn't survive past the second drive-by shooting.

The whole concept of "Palestine" was a British invention and they never existed as an independent state. Most of "Palestine" is the country of Jordan today.

What they call "Palestine" is a mixture of Jordanians,Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians and other Arabs, many of them radical terrorists out to destroy Israel and the Jewish people.

"Palestinians" as a people do not really exist. It's only for political and tactical reasons that the name "Palestinian" is used, since the national interests of Arabs demand that they pawn off the myth and existence of a distinct "Palestinian" people to OPPOSE Zionism (destroy it).

You support the wrong side here and are confused.

Throughout history the Jewish people have been persecuted and almost murdered to the point of extinction.

It's amazing to me that the Jewish people show as much restraint as they do.

Their country of Israel is a model of success in a region that is mostly a barren wasteland with masses of illiterate and poverty-ridden Arabs. And this causes a lot of the hatred and resentment towards them. Just as Jewish success and their ability to help one another achieve it, has caused animosity elsewhere throughout the world.

It's obvious that you add fuel to that fire too with your attitudes and resentment towards the Jewish people and the country of Israel.

You even admit yourself that you don't know the solution to the problem. Maybe you should reflect on what the other side is doing wrong too eh?

Emmett Walker said...

What Israel is doing with Palestine just unbelievable!When Israel stop killing innocent Palestine's people?
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