Monday, October 22, 2007

Vote for Flip-Floppers!

The following article does an excellent job of discussion how the act of flip-flopping is often the result of conscientious and informed politics, not a feeble, spineless politician who is blowing in the wind of social polls. I was really bothered by how John Kerry was smeared in the 2004 campaign, and Bush's dogged commitment to failed ideas was exonerated. James Madison is supposed to have once quipped that the pillars of political process are compromise, compromise, and compromise. This ability to see both sides of an issue and honestly evaluate your position given the present needs of a society seems to lie at the heart of being a spokesperson for the people (politician in the positive sense).

So, lets not let the label "flip-flopper" deter us from casting a vote for the most conscientious and informed politician. Indeed, as the write points out, it is often the rigid and inflexible politicians that are the most dangerous!