Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No Impact Family

This is a great article on a family in NY city that are trying a one year "experiment." What I love about this story is that the whole family became involved, working together to live as impact free as possible. The picture of their daughter stomping on laundry in the bath tub is a wonderful one. Also, I love the closet composting using red worms. I had heard about this before and am interested in trying it out, look for a post here soon as my family experiments with this technique.

Obviously this family is more hard core than the vast majority of us desire to be, I definitely will stop short of forgoing toilet paper!! Yet it is motivating to know that a busy family, with regular jobs, could successful go through with such commitments. I love the wife's comment about coming home to a drastically slower, quiter pace. Sign me up!! I definitely am challenged to become more serious about living in sustainable ways, if only so I can play scrabble by candlelight!