Friday, August 24, 2007

GDP Comparison

Check out this map of the US, states have been renamed as countries that have similar GDP. This really puts things into perspective, and reminds me how exorbantly wealthy we are. Populations aren't reflected on this map, but if the states population was contrasted with the comparison countries population, the contrast would be even more startling. It seems to me that we have a huge responsibility to both act justly with the power that comes with so much money, and also to find ways to rectify the global inequity of wealth. Also, I think it is high time to quit deluding ourselves that our wealth is due to hard work. I have traveled to several countries outside of the US and they work a hell of a lot harder than we do. I think our wealth is more the result of our vast geography, natural resources, and exploitation of other countries people and resources (think Walmart).

PROPS: I found this map by way of Calacirian.