Sunday, April 29, 2007

Genesis of Transforming Society

This blog is an attempt to bring together my varied interests in social justice, sustainable living, and human nature. Its primary intent is to capture ideas and thoughts regarding how we can play a meaningful role in changing our society (in my case American). An assumption is made that these are worthwhile endeavors, so very little posting will be done regarding the "merits" of these endeavors, but rather the ways in which myself (and many others) are finding to have a transformative effect on the world around us. I don't claim any special credentials or ability in this area, in fact, much of what I write will be an exhortation to myself, almost a personal diary of the challenges and opportunities that I encounter as I live a quiet existence in the D.C. suburbs.

It is quite easy to become accustomed to the ease and pleasures associated with American middle-class existence. This blog will be an intentional attempt to unsettle my own ease, and then find ways to build that discontent into transformative action. I appreciate any comments or feedback from others who are also seeking to live in this tension. Sometimes the most meaningful gift we can give is our own story.